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3D Buggy Tug

Price: USD $10.95
File Size: 2569 Kb
Tags: game, play, puzzle, strategy, buggy

3d buggy tug screenshot

A game of strategy that looks easy at first sight but that will fascinate you. In fact, Buggy Tug is a GREAT puzzle even though one can, while playing according to rules, use some explosives when neurons begin to heat under the effect of adrenaline. It is all about helping a courageous little Warehouse Attendant who heartily tries to store the right stuff at the right place. The warehouse is badly build and the transport lanes are so narrow that it takes treasures of cleverness to mastermind this monstrous job. The game presents itself with 300 levels. That is enough to keep you busy for several weeks. And there are more to come. The agility of Buggy Tug's load pusher and the grace of its graphics will astonish you.

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