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Tags: puzzlegame, puzzle, game, logic, fluffy, nonviolent, family, shareware, demo

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Guide Fluffy and his puppies through 90 levels in this new logic puzzle game. Fluffy is a funny, nonviolent game with increasing degree of difficulty and therefore a perfect game for the whole family. There is also a saving function for infinite number of players. You can play the levels in any order you like and with no time pressure. Whether you want to unwind or you want a real challenge, Fluffy will entertain you for hours. Fluffy is a sweet but not to bright little dog. He has one passion in life: bones. The problem is that he needs your help to locate them. Once you have given him a hint, he sets off in a hurry in that direction and doesn't stop until something comes in his way. It's a totally different thing with his lazy puppies. They have no hurry to get anywhere and they donīt move more than necessary. Fortunately they can be persuaded into helping Fluffy. But you better think before you even try to bother them. The game starts with a couple of tutorial levels that slowly introduce you to the rules of the game. This way you can start having fun right away.

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