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Kristanix Memory Puzzle

Price: USD $6.95
File Size: 837 Kb
Tags: memory, puzzle, exercise, cards, memory training, memorize, family, board, violent

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Kristanix Memory Puzzle will help you exercise your memory by remembering and matching pairs of cards. You will be presented with a board of cards, all facing down. You open two and two cards, trying to find a matching pair. To clear the board, you must find all pairs. Play with pictures or with characters, whatever suits you best. Change the size of the board. At first you might want to keep it simple, playing the small board with only 28 cards. But once you get the hang of it, you can move on to the medium and large sized boards. Memorizing cards can be quite fun when they feature 50 full color images and all the letters in the alphabet presented in a colorful, comical fashion!

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