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MySQL to MS SQL Converter

Price: USD $45
File Size: 1310 Kb
Tags: mysql, , table, database, converter, application, convert, column, attributes, view, server, software, primary, migration, index, shift, record, source, changer, file, overwrite, protect, schema, password, null, value

mysql to ms sql converter screenshot

MSSQL-from-MySQL database and table schema conversion software converts existing format in desired arrangement, means in MS SQL server file. Software modifies database architecture, password, views, keywords, attributes and data types. Utility convert records of every table as well as object, protected fields, constraint, default and not null values of tables. Tool is able to obtain database structures, clustered and non-clustered indexes, primary, unique and foreign keys, table views, schema and data of large scale database from end user described place and converts all data types in Microsoft SQL format. Database refectory software keeps integrity of database, entity relationships, constraints, values, schemas and designs. User get alternative to either save new database schemas at desired place of end user or new generated format of migrated DB is able to be overwritten. Tables and its records can be changed by picking proper table by converter application. MSSQL files can easily be configured and forms normalizations are never changed because it works in windows types and mixed of authentic mode. Attractive graphical user interface and inbuilt program help function assists user to perform database migration action over DB tables and schemas smoothly. Features: * Windows OS like 98, ME, 2k, 2k3, Win NT, XP home sp2 and sp3, media center 2k5, VISTA enterprise edition 2005 and server 2008 are assisted by this database refectory application. * Database changer program migrate MySQL database units, views, structures, triggers and indexes in MS SQL format. * Converter overwrites new data base files on existing data if end user desire. * Software serves reliable conversion service to user and database. * Inbuilt help option assist users for understanding the conversion process.

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