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Speedy Shooter

Price: USD $17.95
File Size: 2977 Kb
Tags: speedy shooter, bubble shooter, free online game, action, arcade, kids, puzzles, strategy, online tournament

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Speedy Shooter is a game of the classic Bubble Shooter kind. We've taken all the best stuff from similar games, so now you've got a unique game that has no analogues. There are 4 games in one, not 1 of 2. Common description of the games: The point of every game is to break a wall that consists of different-colored bubbles. The trajectory of the bubble about to be shot is defined with mouse cursor. After pressing left mouse button, the bubble starts to move and keeps flying until it collides with other bubbles obscuring its way.If the new-formed bunch appears to be a chain of 3 or more bubbles of the same color, these bubbles explode, leaving some space for further shooting. If the flying bubble collides with left or right wall, it reflects symmetrically, allowing you to hit areas that may seem very difficult to reach. If your sharp-shooting causes a bunch of bubbles not connected to ceiling, these bubbles fall down because of gravity, bringing you even more points, than exploded ones.

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