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1st Tangram Pro

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File Size: 565 Kb
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Tangram is an old Chinese game of shapes. The goal is to form a particular shape from a set of seven pieces. Although this may sound easy it turns out to be pretty difficult. In the standard game the set of pieces consists of 5 triangles (of three different sizes), a square, and a parallelogram. This program challenges you to solve a huge collection of Tangram puzzles. You are presented with a shape and have to put the different pieces into it, by moving and rotating them. There are many demo collections of puzzles: easy, medium, hard, and extra hard. The easy puzzles are doable by young children; the hard ones are difficult, even for adults. You can choose the level at the start of the game and change it during playing. Besides these demo collections there are a large number of additional collections. You can load them by choosing the File button when the program starts, or later during the game. But, what is more, you can easily add new puzzles using the Tangram editor, that is provided with this program. You can even use alternative sets of pieces to create you shapes from.

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