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Super Cubes

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 7168 Kb
Tags: supercubes, cubes, bonuses, puzzle, super cubes

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Imagine that a naughty one-year-old has left a heap of colorful cubes on the floor and your job is to clean up the mess now. To remove a few of them you will have to arrange them in a certain order. The difficult part though is that the little rascal keeps throwing new ones in as you are trying to clear them away. However you have a number of bonus features at hand that will help you cope with the task: there is a bomb cube, a re-paint cube, a target cube and even a joker cube that you will need to learn to use! The game is all in 3D, features innovative graphics, has lots of special effects and you can even change the style of the cubes! The music and the sound effects are outstanding and the gameplay is extremely addictive for both smart kids and grown-ups.

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