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Tags: converse, tetris, unusual, clone, with, girl traveler, viki.

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Converse Tetris! It is unusual clone of Tetris with girl-traveler Viki. This game consists of three: 1. Ascent. In this type of Tetris everything is quite opposite of what you have got accustomed: your main task lies not in arranging shaped blocks in the pit, so that they would create rows, but in placing them without any special order. However, you should do it with the purpose of leading the girl to the stairs, which she can climb up to the next level. The girl moves continuously and on coming up against an obstacle (a high 'footstep' or a steep) she turns and continues her movement in the opposite direction. In every new level you have to elevate the girl upper and upper. Besides the "prison" appears; and you need to get girl out of it first before elevating. 2. Descent. The second game is pretty much alike the first one, though now your task is to get the girl downstairs from a column to the stairs. In every new level the length of the column where the girl starts her lowering increases by 1 square. 3. Simple Tetris. The game becomes more and more complicated since the decrease of lines directly leads to the increase of bricks' speed. On expiration of trial-version, the third game remains available.

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