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Weave Words

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 4805 Kb
Tags: word, game, words, crossword, word game, word puzzle, crosswords, wordsearch, hangman, boggle, solitaire

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Weave Words is a fun new PC word game where you play to uncover well known phrases and sayings. Using a hexagonal grid of letter tiles, you must build words of three or more letters, then use those letters to try to guess the fun hidden phrase. With over TWO THOUSAND popular phrases included, in over a dozen different subjects, Weave Words provides hundreds of hours of relaxing rewarding gameplay. Weave Words is also very customizable and expandable, and comes with an easy to use phrase pack creator, allowing you to create and share puzzles based on whatever subjects you desire. Main game features: - Thousands of phrases to play, with more to download for free. - Relaxing, interesting, and mentally stimulating gameplay. - No time limits or pressure, just play at your own speed. - Customize the game to your liking by choosing which subjects you enjoy. - Create and share phrases with other players with the phrase pack tool.

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