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STACKERS3.0 Options Strategy CashFLOW Trading Signals Service – STACKERS Options Newsletter – Offers Signals Based on the STACKERS3.0 Options Trading System Emailed to You… We offer trading signals telling you when the system says to get in and out with target prices. Once you put on a trade you could essentially walk away from it since the entry, stop loss and target price are contingent orders that automatically trigger action on our options orders. In this case you pay us to do the work for you versus you doing all the work every night yourself. Even if you purchase the trading system it is good for you to subscribe to the signals and pay for the signals. doing so will give you a continual reminder that you need to put ton your trades at night. You never want to miss a signal, folks! If a system has proven to be net profitable over time then EVERY trade you put on is worth an average profit, even if it goes negative. I kick my self every time I think of the time when I didn’t run these signals every day because I just let my self be distracted. Don’t let your self be distracted!!! What if you were able to build up to running 50 options contracts per trade and pull the $1.7 million in a year just running these signals based on the system results? Think about it. I think you’d be pretty happy. You’ll never know unless you try! Get started. Apply the signals correctly and see what happens!

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