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Blade Master

Price: USD $14.99
File Size: 7340 Kb
Tags: arcade, master, game, shooter, shareware, power, blade, action

blade master screenshot

Blade Master is a perfect side scrolling platform shooter with a brilliant blend of realistic graphics, blistering game play, an original soundtrack and an absorbing storyline. It's more than an attempt to attract attention to something new, but a serious claim the best game created in the traditions of the kill-em-all genre. If you're a fan of "Resident Evil", this game is right for you. Countless scientific experiments have been carried out on human intelligence resulting in the creation of an artificial substance with a furtive inner structure. You are the only one who dares against this unnatural production of the biotechnical investigations. Your weapon is Blade, bearing death to everyone who stands on your way. Your aim is to prevent the total destruction of the world. There are a total of 3 large military missions for Sergeant Dan Hart. Accordingly, you will get more than 50 levels that give you an opportunity to taste the flavor of real struggle. Don't hold in your primal instincts! Try this game and get pumped!

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