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Jack of All Trades

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 1730 Kb
Tags: adventure, space, action, trading, stock market, upgrade, ships, weapons, missions, shooter, explore, jack trades, dingo, demos

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Jack of All Trades puts you in the middle of an ongoing feud between two ancient space-faring civilizations. Whether or not you take part in this feud is up to you. You may wish to align yourself with one of these governments or perhaps you would prefer to work with the local rebel faction. If war isn't your style, there are other options for you. You could always become a peaceful trader or a galactic stock market guru. Bounty hunting is always lucrative, but then again, so is pirating... Explore hundreds of worlds and earn piles of credits as you make your way through the galaxy. Choose from an impressive list of ships in the shipyard including freighters, fighters, and capital-size destroyers. Once you have a nice ship, upgrade it with new weapons and modifications to become a force to be reckoned with. Fly from star to star trading commodities or try to help the Freedom Alliance save the galaxy. Jack of All Trades puts you in the captain's chair... you choose your own destiny.

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