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Onimod land

Price: USD $27.65
File Size: 32358 Kb
Tags: onimod, land, real, time, strategy, dynamic, strategic, game, fight, campaign, editor, shareware, product, starcraft, warcraft, blizzard, magic, strength, power, magican, battle

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Onimod Land is a RTS-game. The game has a smart artificial intelligence and original way of managing. You may choose the race of savages or space occupants for the game. The game is more oriented to the hard fighting than to the development. At the present moment the game has 5 campaigns and 30 single maps. The net game supports up to 8 players. You can define any political unions. To make a brief overview you can see the record of the played game. Choose in the main menu 'Results'->'Own' then double click on the existing result. Here you will see game results. Click on the button 'History'. During the show the keyboard and the mouse will repeat all actions. If you like dynamic strategic games then you will probably like this game too. You may download the game part by part from

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