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BanderSnatch Word Game

Price: USD $19.99
File Size: 1024 Kb
Tags: word, puzzles, scrabble, boggle, countdown, dictionary, interactive, addictive, arcade, crosswords, letters, board, vocabulary, windows

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Make long words from the heap of letter tiles at the bottom of the board. While you are doing this, new tiles are being added at an ever-increasing rate. When the tiles reach the top of the board, the round ends and you lose a life; but you earn a new life for every 2000 points you score. Although the game is against-the-clock, manual dexterity isn't essential: it is primarily a test of vocabulary knowledge and the ability to think fast under pressure. This addictive game should appeal to anyone who enjoys board games like Scrabble and Boggle or the Channel 4 program Countdown.

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