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Price: USD $19.99
File Size: 7942 Kb
Tags: arkanoid, breakout, arcade, physics, brick

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BreakQuest is the first ever BreakOut game featuring a full-fledged physics engine and advanced collision system, this allows for a completely new game experience in a freely shaped universe with physically responding objects. Advanced graphics with 16 million colors and ultra-smooth animation. Also the new particle system creates a wide range of sparkling visual effects. 100 unique scenes, all of them with their own colorful designs, sounds and behavior. There are bricks that fall, bricks that move in unfathomable ways, hanging bricks, bricks with springs, bricks that grow and shrink, and bricks that shoot at you. You have to deal with bugs and bricks of all shapes and sizes to save the world from the evil empire. In addition to crystal clear sound effects, BreakQuest features an original, copyrighted, extended sound track by the professional gaming music group Maniacs of Noise. Play in Quest mode to save the world or in Arcade mode where you can set everything up as you wish just for fun.

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