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Gold Sprinter

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 4448 Kb
Tags: goldsprinter, gold, sprinter, loderaner, game, arcade, alawar, entertainment

gold sprinter screenshot

This game is a remake to the classical game LodeRunner. The core gameplay has remained the same: Gold Sprinter runs around a level gathering gold and eluding monsters. The player can dig holes to trap monsters. Once all the gold has been collected the player can come through a portal to the next level - a seemingly easy goal that turns out not so easy to achieve. The way to glory is swarmed with annoyingly stubborn enemies whose only passion is their stash. The most shining features of the game are: * Elegantly rendered 3D worlds and characters. * True color graphics and animation * Joystick support * Interactive environment * Over 100 puzzle and arcade-style levels * Easy level pack specially for kids * Dynamic particle system effects like smoke, dust etc. * Funny sound effects and ambient music

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