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Moraff Escapade

Price: USD $15
File Size: 5515 Kb
Tags: load, runner, donkey, kong, arcade, moraff, moraffware

moraff escapade screenshot

Moraff's Escapade is a super-high-quality animated arcade and logic game for Windows. You run around picking up pieces of treasure while avoiding the nasties. The thirty different screens consist of ladders, brick walls, and ceiling rungs that you must climb, swing on, and explode your way through to get the treasures and move to the next level. Try to rearrange the objects to your own advantage. This game is very easy to get into, the rules are simple, but playing it well and solving the screens is an extraordinary challenge! You can keep statistics on your progress throughout the game. You can also cheat by jumping to any level that you want to play. Online help is available, and you can toggle the sound. Escapade has fantastic graphics, cool sound effects, and runs full-screen. All the quality and features you expect from Moraff.

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