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Super Gem Miner

Price: USD $9.95
File Size: 3392 Kb
Tags: dwarf, fantasy, action, game, maze, troll, rogue, dungeon, gems, arcade

super gem miner screenshot

Addictive action/maze game. Use your logic skills and reflexes as you lead Borlok The Greedy Grey Dwarf through 50 action packed levels in 5 different areas. Borlok will gather rubies, amethysts, diamonds, emeralds, and a few tankards of ale in his quest. Super Gem Miner guarantees a challenge with three seperate difficulty levels. A few things Borlok will see in the gem mines: Rogues! - Borlok is not the only greedy creature looking for riches in Super Gem Miner. Rogues prefer to let others do the real work, then take everything their target has when he is not looking. Rogues will steal all of Borlok's gems if they can catch him. If Borlok has been swigging ale, the rogue won't stand a chance against him. Trolls! - Trolls are common in the gem mines. Big, mean, and green. Unless Borlok has been swigging ale, he is defenseless against these monsters and will lose a life if he comes into contact with one. Ale! - Dwarves love ale and Borlok is no exception. Guzzling down some ale will allow Borlok to easily dispatch Trolls and Rogues.

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