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Chess Vision Trainer

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Tags: chess training, chess, training, analysis, calculation, visualization, visualisation, vision, kasparov, fischer

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Chess Vision Trainer is a chess training system to improve your visualization and move calculation skills in Chess. Visualization and calculation plays a major role in chess. These are the skills that separates the masters from the amateurs. When Alekhine was asked "How many moves do you see ahead?" his answer was "Just one move deeper than my opponent!". The built-in chess playing engine is your training partner. The position displayed on the chess board is not the true position but the position a certain number of half-moves prior to the true position. You do not decide the moves based on the displayed position but based on the true position (which you do not see but you're trying to visualize). This means that you are always forced to look ahead of the chess position you see on the board. Then, there is the concept of 'Blindfold Areas'. Blindfold Areas are quadrants of the chess board and these are areas where the pieces are invisible. One of the intentions of this concept is to solve the problem of 'blind spots'. Using the concept of Blindfold Areas will also help you to develop chess board memory. This idea of dividing the chess board into quadrants for the purpose of visualization is derived from Buckley's suggestion in his book Practical Chess Analysis. The combination of these training exercises will improve your visualization and move calculation skills.

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