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2M Blocks Swapper

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 7396 Kb
Tags: tetris, tetrix, blocks, game, puzzle, puzzles, arcade, online, shareware

2m blocks swapper screenshot

Destroy blocks by making rows, columns, or diagonals of 3 or more blocks of the same color. Upper blocks will then fall down in vacated spaces. Play in SQUARE or HEXAGON mode to experience entertaining challenges. Take care of static blocks, they could block you ! Appealing high quality graphics - Play Blocks Swapper in full color. Enjoy Blocks Swapper in full size window or in windowed mode at your own discretion... Skin your game - 2M Blocks Swapper is completely customizable ! Each theme renders beautiful graphics, displays original blocks, incoporates a heap of nice effects and animations, plays entertaining musics... High quality sounds fx - Many sounds are included in 2M Blocks Swapper to enhance play enjoyment. Detailed scoring system - The faster you complete a game, the greater you score. Get bonus while destroying large number of blocks. Keep track of best scores and statistics... Online help - A detailed documentation will teach you every aspect of 2M Blocks Swapper. Rules are fully explained.

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