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Egyptian Pai Gow Poker

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Tags: poker, play poker, poker game

egyptian pai gow poker screenshot

The game Egyptian Pai Gow Poker acquaints you with two attractive Egyptian girls. They spend the time nicely; they put their shapely legs into a pool. The cause of such their disposition is in an unbearable heat but it does not impede them to enjoy the beauty of a vast Nile, the boats floating through, the smell of flowers and an unhurried talk. The light music is pouring around and in this tranquil and incline atmosphere they offer you to play Egyptian Pai Gow Poker. In these pleasant conditions you will not turn down a tempting proposal to play cards and you will agree to keep them company. Egyptian Pai Gow Poker impresses with its graphics, carries away by the card game, an unexpected topic and bright, colorful types!

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