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Backup File Access Manager

Price: USD $29.95
File Size: 2672 Kb
Tags: locked files, backup files, access, robust, traffic, file utility, request, stored data, scalable, backup software, scheduled backup, batch caching

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File access manager ensures data protection by backup files data. It works with all backup software across network to handle high trafficked areas that receive thousands of requests per hour. It facilitate IT administrator to safeguard data by running scheduled backup during off-hour times. It grants access to backup software to open and backup any exclusive, open or in-use file. Common exclusively open files/applications includes SQL, MS Access, oracle, exchange, outlook, word, excel, windows system files, user settings, registry and so on. It works with all Windows based backup software applications to provide complete data protection solution. It allows creating log files as it open up files requested by allowed applications. It allows user to remotely install workstation licenses from control panel on server.

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