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Tags: demo, winxp, , shareware, original, puzzle, game, directx, dynamic

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A new twist on puzzle games. Spin entire levels around ! Circulate spheres around 100 levels by spinning each level left and right. Levels contain a variety of over 20 sphere types which can be controlled, collected or destroyed, depending on the level's objectives. Circulate is easy to pick up and play. The left mouse button activates the various sphere types, the right button rotates the level. Featuring DirectX support with great visuals and over 40 sound effects. Features : - 100 unique levels. - 5 level themes and 20+ sphere and object types. - Great visual effects and 40+ sound effects. - Design, create and share your own custom levels. - Online best times table. - Free support and updates. - 30 day money back guarantee.

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