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Disable USB

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Tags: port, monitoring, software, prevent, record, plug, activity, hardware, surveillance, tool, block, unauthorized, access, theft, client, server, examine, device, machine, read, write, permission, data, leakage, windows, network

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LAN based USB drive hardware monitoring software allows you to intercept and analyze all the data transferred between any USB devices connected to any client machine. USB activity monitoring software is fully capable to capture, intercept the plug-in and plug-out activities of USB storage devices in real time on client system over Windows network. USB drive data leakage protection software monitor USB drive activity and alert by playing sound notification whenever USB drive is inserted and removed on any client machine. Computer data security software provide interactive graphical user interface, so that user can easily operate software without having any technical skills. Removable media drive blocking utility is useful for small and medium size organizations including Software companies, Cooperative fields, Research department, Computer labs of school and colleges and various other areas to keep watch on client PCs activities. Monitoring program tracks activities related to the insertion and removal of USB storage devices on client’s machine even if the network connection is broken. Advance USB drive data theft protection tool made administrator capable to easily enhance the network security by controlling the USB drive access and permission settings on any client machine configured on windows network. USB port disable software has following features: * Provide facility to enable or disable any USB Port on the client’s machine. * Allow administrator to assign USB port Read only or Readable/Writable permission on the client’s machine. * Support USB storage devices including Pen Drives, USB Cameras (mass storage), USB Flash cards, USB MP3 players, USB Audio players, USB video players, Pocket PCs (mass storage), Mobile phones (mass storage), iPods. * Works in hidden mode as a background process so that it can not be detected by the client.

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