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Tags: lights, puzzle, logic puzzles, brain, solitaire, puzzles, ncbuy

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Hosted by Lew, the key character in the Down to Earth Cartoon, ALLOUT is a puzzle that will truly put you through your paces. All you need to do is turn all of the lights on the board out. Sure, it sounds simple enough ... but ALLOUT is anything but. By clicking on a piece you will reverse the state of all adjacent pieces - from On to Off, or Off to On. If you're familiar with the classic Lights Out puzzles, ALLOUT will be familiar territory, but prepare yourself for 50+ boggling levels. Who would of thought that turning the lights out could be so hard?

What's New in v1.2
EFLASH UPDATE: New eFlash system to keep you current on the latest updates and features at
MISC BUG FIXES: This version incorporates a variety of minor bug fixes and is a recommended update.

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