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Igor - The Time Machine
Collect Datapods to solve levels. Made difficult by falling rocks, enemies, etc.

New improved CubIQ - for an even more exciting foreplay.

Jig-Swap Puzzle
Breathe a new life into the pictures of nature by matching randomized pieces!

Cosmic Fortune
Cosmic Fortune is an easy and addictive intergalactic puzzle game!

Jigsaw Puzzle Player
Jigsaw Puzzle Player lets you play jigsaw puzzles on your computer

Aid Zondulux
Challenging puzzle game. Difficult enough to make your brains boil.

Marbles Shooter
Marbles Shooter is a new astonishing game for the puzzle aficionados.

Bloxx It
Bloxx It - mahjongg-based game with the elements of arcade.

Puzzle Mania
With Puzzle Mania you can arrange jigsaw puzzles on your computer's display.

Water Bubbles
Ultimate 3D Tetris-like puzzle game.

The 9Squares is a fun arcade-style puzzle game for Windows. Tetris-like game.

Fatman Blocks
Fatman Blocks - original graphically rich tetris-clone with addictive gameplay

A game that should appeal to fans of Tetris, but it plays quite differently

Protect cool columns from filling up completely in five addictive puzzle games!

Falls Pack
Addictive puzzle game like Super Collapse or Same Game, with skin editor.

Swaps Pack
Swap over colored pieces in five addictive puzzle games - for Kids and Masters!

Rolls Pack
Roll over colored pieces in five addictive puzzle games - for Kids and Masters!

Lines Pack
Align colored pieces in five addictive Lines games - for Kids and Masters!

Tetra Pack
New Tetris games with original ideas you will not be able to find nowhere else!

1001 Lines
Six addictive puzzles, from the Lines and other brands to the new best-sellers!

Coolumns 2
Protect cool columns from filling up completely in 10 addictive puzzle games!

Library of the Ages
The books in Library of the Ages are in disarray! Sort them before time is up!

Secret Chamber
Unlock jewels of the King’s Secret Chamber and discover the precious treasures.

A challenging puzzle game for strategists who like to take their own sweet time.

Japanese Pai Gow Poker
All people like it because it gives food for thought and tickles their nerves!

Japanese Slots
Try the guardian's lucky hand and win much money!

Swap jewels to align and remove them from the board.

Not a puzzle for the faint of heart, ALLOUT is a devilishly tough thinking game.

An addictive puzzle game that will have you playing for hours!

Try to save the smart mouthed Kangaroo from a good old fashioned lynching.

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