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Aid Zondulux
Challenging puzzle game. Difficult enough to make your brains boil.

BattleStar 2000
Destroy invading aliens before they overrun the Galaxy.

Aargon Deluxe
Use glass, light, and color to put together laser machines in these puzzle labs.

Alhademic Balls
The small set of three arcade-logic games requiring a wise and fast resolves.

ADA Bubble Bomb
Ada bubble bomb is an addictive non-violent bubble puzzle game for all ages.

The original 3D maze walkthrough game - can you get out without getting slimed?

Arcade Mah Jongg
Try Mah Jongg with arcade style play! Aim for the moving tiles and make matches.

Rescue the cute little Bloinkers in this addictive desktop game.

Blox, tile sliding mayhem against the clock, great fun...

Blue Knight
A fiendish puzzle game - Move your knight around a chess board, hit every tile.

Balziel and Doug
Beautiful plaftorm action, classic retro platform game...

A fun and addictive puzzle game of strategy and logic

Four games using boxes stacked into Cubes and Pyramids.

Bounce your laser beam off your opponents lasers and capture the whole board !

Chair Equals Money
Push chairs and turn them into money. The simple rules betray the complexity.

Cryptic Puzzles
Combines a hangman-like game with a cryptogram-like challenge.

Flash Games Collection for Mac OS Classi
Collection of eight cute flash games

Flash Games Collection for Windows
Collection of eight cute flash games

Flash Games Collection for Mac OS X
Collection of eight cute flash games

Flower Power
Enjoy gathering of flowers and unique atmosphere of spring season.

Goof Ball
This colorful game combines puzzle elements with fast paced action.

Fred Perry Gold Digger Puzzle Game CDRom
Puzzle game with exclusively licensed comic for Fred Perry fans. Family fun

Hangman The Wild West II: Billy's Adv
Hangman The Wild West II is a new twist of the popular Hangman game.

Jigs@w Puzzle Platinum Edition
Everything you need to create and play great-looking puzzles

Picture Jumble
Picture Jumble is a memory jigsaw puzzle game. Fun for all ages.

Very addictive action-logic game with lots of features, nice graphics and music.

The classic Lines arcade puzzle game. An easy to learn and addictive game!

Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles whose scenes are in full living motion within the puzzle pieces.

Matrix 3D
Matrix 3D the best minesweeper style puzzle game around...

Memory Eye
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