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Discover a new kind of game! Treat yourself to a cute, fun-filled strategy game that exercises your brain. Increase your ability to think ahead while this game lets you in on one of the world's best-kept secrets: Garden Dwarves lead a secret life! While they may look like cute, lifeless ornaments to human beings, when nobody is looking, they defend the world against many evils and ensure world peace. Armed with your best-trained squads of infantry, tank, and amphibian dwarves, your goal is to rid the world's gardens of humanity's enemies. You win a level when you capture all your opponents, or when you take control of their headquarters! Enjoy a fun, relaxed experience: no timers, no key to hit repeatedly, no random elements, no going back to the beginning when the game ends! It's entirely up to you to calmly figure out how to beat a smart computer opponent that will challenge your brains. You will love that feeling! Take a quick break and solve a level in a few minutes, or play for hours and become a master strategist! Be ready for good old fun in a cartoonish world, as you battle over 59 original levels, where every new garden is slightly more complex than the previous one, each and every one a challenge that improves your ability to think several moves ahead. Share 20 extra and specially designed levels with your children, and watch them win challenge upon challenge, develop self-confidence and increase their problem solving skills and focus! Create, play and publish your own levels and challenge players all over the world, using the easy and powerful level editor!

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