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MSSQL Database To MySQL Migrator

Price: USD $45
File Size: 1423 Kb
Tags: microsoft, mysql, database, conversion, software, convert, primary, foreign, unique, attributes, merge, data, table, column, records, migrate, default, null, value, constraints, query, entities, tool, index, file, integrity, utility

mssql database to mysql migrator screenshot

Microsoft SQL to MySQL database converter utility has capability to make new MySQL database record from previously existing MSSQL format database by creating new one or overwriting on existing record of MySQL database. Database transformation tool migrate large quantity of your MSSQL database record into MySQL db server. Advanced MSSQL db to MySQL database conversion software has facility to transfer individual table structure (row, column) or more than one table depending on user’s choice. Microsoft SQL to MySQL database converter program takes very less space of your hard disk and time to perform database conversion process. Database migration application from MSSQL db to MySQL db provides support to all keys (primary, foreign, unique), structures, default, null value, constraints, indexes and triggers. MSSQL database to MySQL migrator software supports Unicode architecture, multi byte character set and avoids database anomalies including insertion, deletion and updation. Professional MSSQL db to MySQL converter program is easy to use and provides GUI based interface which can be easily operated by normal user without need of technical support. Features: * MSSQL database to MySQL migrator tool is useful for those users who want to convert large as well as single table of database record from one format to another. * Advanced MSSQL to MySQL database conversion utility is supportive for maintaining data accuracy. * Professional MSSQL database record to MySQL database server converter software reliably transforms tables of large database into required db format with support to integrity and consistency. * MSSQL db to MySQL db transformation application supports all latest version of MSSQL database such as 2005, 2000 and MySQL database (5.0, 4.1, 4.0). * Microsoft SQL to MySQL database conversion program is time saving and cost effective program to perform database conversion process in fast speed.

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