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Blox World

Price: USD $0 (Freeware)
File Size: 3182 Kb
Tags: tetris, game, shareware, blox

blox world screenshot

Blox World is an inviting and entertaining Tetris-clone game. It is a whole new world of Tetris-like games. You will find 14 unique game mod es ranging from classics to ultra novelty. Combine this number with 3 additional game parameters (Advanced, Garbage, and Warped) and you get more than 100 original game combinations! Play a new Tetris-like game every day! You will always find your favorite kind of Tetris game in Blox World. High playability makes Blox World a real pearl for Tetris fans! The game is full of animations featuring glowing blocks, various objects flying over the game screen, lines of text dancing to the beautiful music, menu screens appearing each time the new way and game screens changing with amazing visual effects. Three levels of difficulty allow each player to compete against the machine with maximum joy. Large number of game speed settings allows even further customization of difficulty level. Blox World allows you to easily change its layout. This is possible by using changeable skins. The variety of skins enables you to choose appropriate layout for your mood. Everything in this game is customizable. Don't like the controls? Go ahead and change them. Don't like the music? OK, choice of music is up to you! Don't like the game screen outlook? Choose the one you like. Don't like the game mode? There are hundreds of modes to choose from. Yes! That is right! You can change everything!

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