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Price: USD $9.95
File Size: 6456 Kb
Tags: game, tanks, elefun, scroll, shooter, battle, space

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The Elefun Company presents a new game named REDISRUPTION! Redisruption is a classical space scroller. The central defense computer of a stellar system, belonging to the Earth Federation, got captured by unknown villains. The criminals seized almost the entire defense system. The player will have to force his way through hordes of fighting machines controlled by the captured computer. Your mission is to return control to the rightful owner and find out who was bold enough to perform this takeover. There are various facilities to fight the mad military equipment. Your armament system is upgradable, and special bonus weapons increase fire power vastly. But the enemies are well-armed too, so they won't give up easily. Open space is not the only arena for the fierce battles. You will also fight on planet surfaces, in the hyperspace and even underground!

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