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Tags: keylogging, software, capture, programs, retrieve, username, keystroke, utility, records, typed, visited, application, windows, parental, keyboard, monitoring, surveillance, email, password, encrypted, format, hidden mode, invisible, keylogger


Download keylogging software for capturing all keystrokes that were performed at your computer in your absence. Application capable to log each types of incoming and outgoing emails, chat conversation and visited website URL. Keyboard capture utility provides a secure way to all parents to observe their kid’s activities that what site they are visiting or which person is chatting to their children in his absence. Program is compatible with all windows operating system including windows Vista with user interactive GUI interface. Professional keyboard monitoring tool is as such design that nobody can locate real location of running keylogging program because its installation folder is totally invisible from control panel and start menu list. Software is very helpful for administrators or parents that help to know what their clients or kids are doing on their computers. Keystroke monitoring tools provides full parental control for watching all actions or activities that were performed when administrators are absent. Tool is very sophisticated and easily operated by any professional and non professional user without need of any other technical support. Keylogger programs capable to record each keystroke like special key (Ctrl, Alt or F1, F2 ….F12) and its combination. Features: * Keyboard capture utility securely observes every action that is performed on your computer system when you are going away and send to specified email address. * Keylogger software supports all windows operating system including Windows XP, NT, 2000, 2003 server, ME and Vista. * Keystroke monitoring tools easily records all type passwords hidden behind the asterisk ***. * Keyboard recorder silently captures every action on your computer or laptop in hidden mode. * PC parental control program records anything viewed on your computer in your absence.

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