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ChessVU for Windows offers a comprehensive set of viewing and editing functions for chess data bases, in the two most common formats (PGN and CBF). Here is the list of functions: View PGN game; View CBF game; Convert from CBF to PGN; Convert from PGN to CBF; Show header data in List View, with column sorting; Save data base after sorting (games saved in the new order); Show diagrams (material, center control, space control); Show initial moves; Classify endings using Informant codes; Use several board sizes and types; Use several piece sets; Show comments using Informant symbols; Convert Informant codes to PGN and vice versa; Show and browse variants; Show player statistics; Training mode; Print game; Edit game, variants, comments (using Informant codes); Delete/promote variants; Clean game from comments/variants; Clean data base from comments/variants; Save game; Set position; Show FEN string; Set FEN position; Create chess book (CBK) from data base; Browse chess book; Search position in book; Refine/unrefine book; Classify game opening; Classify data base opening codes; Use UCI chess engine for analysis; Show engine output in a window; Show engine evaluations in the game text as variants and comments; Show engine evaluations as diagram; Evaluate all possible moves; Play against chess engine; Manual and automatic resign; Start/stop engine and force move; Use several time controls; Use chess book while playing; Play engine against engine; Recognize draw situations (repetitions, 50 moves, draw endgame); Export games; Mark/unmark games (clipboard); Export clipboard; Search header in CBF file or directory; Search header in PGN file or directory; Search position in CBF file or directory; Search pawn structure in CBF file or directory; Find doubles in CBF file. New in V2.0: Engine analysis "on-the-fly" and on ICS; ECO and player statistics window; Tournament Cross Table; Opening Table; Blunder detection.

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