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D3D Chess

Price: USD $14.99
File Size: 2715 Kb
Tags: chess, board, real time, replay, backwards, chess clock, original engine

d3d chess screenshot

Beautifully designed for the best comfort of playing and learning chess, this full D3D chess board will attract a large variety of players. The board and the pieces seem to be finely carved from the same precious woods as the interior of some prestigious British cars. Most beginners will enjoy the Save and Replay features and the complete well illustrated documentation. A chess clock and an emulation of ELO levels will give more expert players the opportunity to compete in a close to tournament atmosphere with the computer or with another human player. Many options are available to create a playful ambience. The chess board can be seen from all sides and inclination and in three different graphic environments with or without sound effects and reflection of the pieces on the board. This game will grow as the skills of the players do since the TLK games guarantee, for the registered version of this game only, FULL LIFE LONG SUPPORT and FREE OF CHARGE UPDATING of all future versions by downloading from TLK GAMES site.

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