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Fiber Tree

Price: USD $17
File Size: 2164 Kb
Tags: game, puzzle, classic, logic, able, inlay, mosaic, fiber, tree

fiber tree screenshot

Addictive, simple and original, this puzzle game is sure to win your heart. The goal of the game is to inlay the board with branchlike pieces and connect them so as to make closed figures. Once you make a closed figure, it disappears, as if by magic, leaving space for new pieces. Each move brings new pieces, and the board gradually fills. Surviving as long as possible will help you to get a high score. Apart from this, you'll find it a great fun to inlay the board with lovely branchlike pieces and see them disappear. The game is easy to learn even without reading a manual, doesn't require fast decisions and encourages logical thinking. Besides, it has a highly agreeable interface and a wide range of beautiful skins to choose from. Add to it a marvelous soundtrack and you'll get an ideal game to relax during work. Simple, but highly challenging, [Fiber Tree] will make your coffee break a real hot one!

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