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Make ball combos in a lively environment with an oriental twist.

A fun and addictive puzzle game of strategy and logic

An addictive puzzle game that will have you playing for hours!

Ultimate Mahjong
Play the Ultimate Mahjong game, over 500 tile layouts!

Guide Fluffy and his puppies through 90 levels in this new logic puzzle game.

BlockBusting Babes Lite - Symbian s60
Free erotic brick game with fine art sexy photos of girls. Symbian version

Feeling beat? How about getting some ENERGY!

Flash Games Collection for Windows
Collection of eight cute flash games

Clickris is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.

Balltris is a Challenging New Twist on Tetris!

PilesOTiles Mahjongg
PilesOTiles is a game based on Mahjongg, in which you must pair off tiles.

A1 HangWord
A great Hang-man type Word-Builder game for Kids. FREE!

Bubble Xmas
Have you ever played with Xmas bubbles? If not, this is your chance!

2M Puzzles Letters
An entertaining puzzle game of words and letters. 250,000 words dictionary !

Swap & Fall
Solve the autumn puzzle by swapping adjoining items

Dangerous activity 3D
Use logic and intuition to disarm mines in the 3D remake of classic Minesweeper.

Play tile-based logic puzzles and create your own games

Tangram 3D
Tangram puzzles 3D, more than 300 puzzles to solve, 7 and 14 pieces sets.

Aargon BlackBox
Use lasers to discover hidden light modifying tools in the black box.

Marbles Shooter
Marbles Shooter is a new astonishing game for the puzzle aficionados.

Very addictive action-logic game with lots of features, nice graphics and music.

Arcade Mah Jongg
Try Mah Jongg with arcade style play! Aim for the moving tiles and make matches.

Save the solar system in this original puzzle game.

3D Magic Mahjongg - 4th of July
Play patriotic Mahjongg Solitaire. This Mahjongg Game is a Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Give your brain a little boost with this fun move-and-rotate puzzle game!

Match tiles in this ancient chinese board game and fill up the board with stones

Mind Reading
A supernatural magic software

Explode, shrink, and shield your blobs in this turn based strategic board game.

Super Groovy
An addictive new puzzle game featuring groovy music and gorgeous tile graphics

Cosmic Fortune
Cosmic Fortune is an easy and addictive intergalactic puzzle game!

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