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Migrate MYSQL Database to MS SQL

Price: USD $45
File Size: 1310 Kb
Tags: mysql, , database, convertor, tool, exchange, table, attributes, column, rows, views, server, migration, software, support, unique, primary, index, record, source, destination, file, protect, password, overwrite, null, value

migrate mysql database to ms sql screenshot

MYSQL to MSSQL database converter software converts your existing MYSQL database into Microsoft SQL. User can import MYSQL format files and migrant it into MSSQL format. Application completely migrant data types, table, views, indexes, passwords and attributes. Software utility provides reliable services for conversion of MSSQL data tables. Converter software provides the solution of converting data tables as well as transfers database types of source database into MSSQL database. Program quickly and accurately export whole database at a time or some selected data fields property values such as primary key, cluster or non-cluster indexes, null, key values and converts them into destination file format. Conversion toolkit supports successfully for both configured setting of database system including with mixed and windows mode. Tool provides alternative to the users either save in new database format at user defined location or overwrites the generated format of converted database. Utility has the attractive GUI facility that wizard helps users in conversion of database. Software supports all windows operating system like 98, 2000, 2003, ME, NT, XP, Server 2008, Longhorn and all version of Vista. Features: * Software has the attractive GUI facility with the inbuilt help option. * Database migration tool migrate My SQL database tables, indexes and views to MS SQL formats. * My SQL to MSSQL database converter application can change whole database or selected table structure. * Application provides sophisticated converter service to end user and holds database integrity. * Utility also supports Unicode architecture. * Software easily configured with windows authentication mode and mixed mode. * Conversion software transfer data structure completely.

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