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Rebel Bomberman

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 8586 Kb
Tags: rebel, bomberman, alawar, classic, game, remake, advanced, entertainment, arcade

rebel bomberman screenshot

Rebel Bomberman is one of the most inventive variations of the bomberman-style games. You will still have plenty of bombs to throw around to kill the enemies and get to the final destination. Hordes of hostile aliens are planning to take your planet over to enslave its inhabitants and extract precious crystals. Yep, as usually, you are the last hope, since you and only you can fence off the alien attack. To achieve this goal, you'll have to gather the required number of crystals and start the planetary engine, which will save your planet from being overtaken. Watch out, the invaders are already here and gathering the necessary number of crystals won't be easy!

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