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Original logic game with unique rules. Set chains of explosions to win the game.

One of the best chess game (PGN and CBF formats) viewer for Windows.

Reveal Your Rank!
Strategy board game similar to Stratego

2M Blocks Swapper
Swap blocks to destroy them. Great fun ! Appealing high quality graphics.

Moraff MarbleJongg 2000
Cutting edge graphics in this jongg solitaire needs OpenGL

Sea Battle
Please battle ship against your computer.

Island Craps
Island Craps invites you to the place where you feel yourself a happy man!

Moraff's MomJongg
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.

Chess Commander
Next generation chess game

Blackout - for those gamers who can handle a tough arcade!

Zillions of Games 2
Game system lets you play nearly any abstract board game or puzzle in the world!

1942 Campaign for Malaya
A great turn based wargame covering the Japanese invasion of Malaya in early 42.

Colossal Word Search
Play and create word searh puzzles. Find words across, up and down, and diagonal

Fives and Threes
A networked dominoes game for up to four players.

Japanese Roulette
In Japanese Roulette a beautiful girl invites you to her casino to win money!

Billionaire II
Billionaire II is a new thrilling and exciting business game!

Battle for Moscow
Free turn based wargame covering Operation Typhoon in late 1941.

Paraben's Mah-jong
Play a tile solitaire version of the classic game of Mah jong.

Mancala 3000
One of the oldest 2-player strategy games.

Cyberko Checkers
Play all variants of Checkers in one program!

Chess Puzzle Games
Collection of 6 chess tutorial games and puzzles for kids. Play, train, learn!

Kata Chess
Chess Training System to master chess that is easy to use, but is very strong.

Island Roulette
Island Roulette immerses you to the mysterious underwater world!

Sexy Party
Adult game for 2 to 8 players. Very versatile, lots of fun, fully configurable.

Classic Roulette
Take part in Classic Roulette and feel glorious victory!

Moraff's KidJongg
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.

MagicGames Collection
Collection of seven logic games. Winter Edition.

Unlimited Checkers
Unlimited Checkers is a Java-based checkers (also known as draughts) game.

Shih Tao
Asian board game - 6 different colors + symbols challenging the entire family

Carl's Classics
Carl's Classics is a game collection with 14 classic games!

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