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MS SQL To MySQL Conversion Program

Price: USD $45
File Size: 1423 Kb
Tags: , mysql, database, migration, software, convert, table, data type, index, value, foreign, primary, conversion, program, transform, column, data, converter, utility, maintain, integrity, constraint, record, tool, unicode, multibyte

ms sql to mysql conversion program screenshot

MS SQL to MySQL database conversion program saves the converted database at new specified location or overwrites into existing database as per requirement of user. DB conversion software for MS SQL to MySQL supports all database data types, indexes, attributes, trigger, columns, rows, field name, primary and foreign key constraints. MS SQL to MySQL database conversion application supports transformation of entire database or selected database tables as per user need. MS SQL to MySQL database synchronization is an inexpensive solution takes very less space on hard disk and does not affect your Desktop/Laptop performance. MS SQL to MySQL database conversion program comfortably runs under all Microsoft Windows operating system such as Windows 98, ME, NT (3.x, 4.x), 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. Non-destructive and read only database migration software supports Unicode architecture, multi byte character set and maintains the data integrity during database conversion process. Database record converter tool is easy to use and provides fast conversion process avoiding data redundancy for accurate data conversion. Features: * MS SQL to MySQL database conversion program converts all table attribute (row, column) and data types. * MSSQL to MySQL DB migration software supports all major versions of Microsoft SQL database and MySQL server. * MS SQL to MySQL database conversion tool is cost effective and reliable solution provides error free record transformation. * MS SQL to MySQL DB transformation utility has user friendly graphical user interface, user from technical or nontechnical background can easily operate this tool. * Microsoft SQL database to MySQL server migration tool can convert single or multiple database table record in rapid and accurate manner.

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