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Computer Spy Software

Price: USD $49
File Size: 2508 Kb
Tags: keylogger, computer, monitoring, software, records, user, activities, stealth, recorder, utility, create, invisible, program, file, capture, screenshot, store, login, password, information, visited, voice, chat, hidden, windows

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Advanced keystroke logger software allows you to secretly capture all key press activities of computer users and automatically deliver the logs to specified email address. Stealth keystroke recorder program monitors all the keyboard activities used for various windows application (word, excel, notepad and many more) and capture typed visited website URLs in password protected log file with date, time and session. Untraceable key logger utility records all key press activity like user name, password, emails, forms, search engine keywords, document printed, text and images sent to the clipboard, visited website URLs, accessed application, voice chat records, every keystrokes with special keys in encrypted and hidden file called log file and save this log file for future reference. Advance keylogger is the best parental monitoring software as it helps parents to track child PC activities and prevent them from visiting harmful websites. Key press activity logger software helps corporate sector to monitor employee’s computer activities in total hidden mode. GUI supported keylogger program provides an option to mail the password protected log file at pre-defined email ID or upload using FTP server settings. Secure and safe to use application easily runs on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista operating system. Features: * Keystroke surveillance tool cannot be traced by external computer users because it runs invisible at desktop background. * Secure and safe to use computer spy software easily captures windows screen shots and record typed information with date, time and session. * Easy to install application works in hidden mode and is password protected. * GUI supported keyboard surveillance software maintains encrypted log files of pressed keys for future reference.

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